September 5th, 2006

female Protagonist

o_o; horoscope

Well I decided to read my horoscope and stuff over at MSN since is being a loading/overworked wank.

Let me just say that I hope it isn't very right. It doesn't look very good...but I did find out Bono and me are "Call the Firehouse!!" o_o; I want Bon Jovi instead. Or Gackt if possible if I'm going to be compatiable with a celebrity. However I prefer my current obsession love interest. Hot, cute, and with a wonderful sense of humor and head on his shoulders. But still hundreds of miles apart.

Oh and any tarot savy ppl here; could you please sorta decode this reading for me? Is that The Tower, and Death there? o_o

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Hair Cut

Ok had my hair cut and thinned for only $8 :) Really good. I kinda regret not getting it shorter though ^^; But whatever.

I'm going to buy ether some Sun-In or some dye on Friday and make it more lighter/blound/red. It's on sale so it's all good :)

I painted my nails yesterday. Tealish-gold on my toes, pinkish-copper on my fingers. I got tired of looking at the stuff I had on from Prom.

My Aunt picked-up my school supplies today that I had laid-away at WalMart. All good :) Even got a notebook for writting/drawing anything I want. It's light purple (lilac) and navy.

Oh and isn't the Maneki-Neko uder the cut super cute?

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I still REALLY want a lucky white cat ;-; I just can't seem to find one that suits me though.

Also been looking at something to get Trev on Ebay (*snicker*). I've decided that a real stuffed/mounted baby fox is something that he DOES NOT WANT XDD Only like $2CAD aswell. Somehow I think that that poor fox's life should have been worth more.

Oh and if I find something for him, I should try to pick-up something for Marsha, and or Mary Ellen at the same store aswell, save me money, time, and shipping. I have almost all my shopping done anyway.
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