August 12th, 2006

Shink love :D

^_^ ♥

Ok my mom got a new Dell flyer/catalogue, and I was flipping though it and saw this advertisment for Dell notebook skins. I remeber when I was looking at the laptops a few months ago, they had 4 skins avalible. This said they now have 12. So I go to the website ( and see this;

Now I know what I want for my compy if I get one from Dell ^___^ ♥ There is also a nice green bamboo look one, and of course the cherry-wood look hard case I wanted. So if I get one I will be getting it in cherry-wood look, along with a skin to protect it ^_^ Ah I like bubble-gum pink, I think it would look nice with ether black or silver.

I also want a noble pink Nintendo DS, and a metalic pink/purple cell phone :3

I don't like a lot of pinks, actually I generally dislike it, but I like bubble-gum, and metalic, and the color that is kinda purplish-pink, and right dark pink, but that's it.

Oh and to make this post not just about a laptop cover; I am downloading seasons 1-4 of "Red vs. Blue" Which I have said before is frick'n hilarious :D

Also I think I will have to spend some change after exibition and go to New Minas again, since my ticket expires the end of Augest. Go see "Snakes On A Plane" hell yeah XD it just has to be seen! Actually it look pretty crappy from the trailers. "Planes on a blage" is what I hear at the end of one of them instead of 'plane' What is a blage? And the begining of that same trailer is Sam Jackson, being disk-jockyed at certain points so he says; "Get these *wicky* snakes, off my *skip* plane!" So yeah... Also everytime I see a trailer for SoaP I have to say "Muthafuck'n snake on a plane yo!"

I went to Jenny's birthday party today. She shared it with Pam, Carl's niece.

Jenny is a baby. Her parents are Angie and Dave. Angie is Carl and Sue's daughter. Carl is Kenny and June's nephew. Since I live with Kenny and June, I got elected to go in place of any of the Grants.

Actually June wanted to go, but decided to stay home incase Matt called/stopped call yet.

Wendy said she figures Matt is avoiding comeing because he is upset.

The other night he was going on about how even though he will be on the other side of the country, it doesn't matter because we will still be in contact, and I can come vist.

I don't really know how I feel about trying the whole long-distance dating thing. It will probbally be 6 months before I could fly out, due to having to rely on seat-sales. I just want him to be happy. If that means trying long-distance, then I'll give 100%, but only if he really wants to. He has the chance to start all over, and if he really wants to be stuck with a girl all the way in NS, even though I can act really crappy/pesimistic, then I'll be here. Because I actually do really love him a lot.
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