August 10th, 2006



Ok DeviantART is soooooooooooooo fucking wonky and unappealing, that new update just totally makes me want to quit, like it is so unaesthetic and the text is frick'n huge.

So I am going to stay far far away from it and let them get a hell of a lot of complaints. May they will revamp it, but I highly doubt it due to them being all no-longer-for-the-art-community-more-for-the-money-annoying-pricks.

If they don't fix it/or atleast make it slightly better I'm sooooo leaving DA. Why couldn't they keep the format they just recently put into place instead of switching again >_<

Ah but enough ranting and all, I'm off to sign into MSN/AIM/YM. I think I should play some Maple Story to calm my iritation atm.
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Lady Nor RS


Ok so the courier came today!

But My mom wasn't home, and I didn't see it stop at her house so they are dropping it off at the Home Hardwear in town in the morning. So my mom is going to pick up what they left tommorrow.

If it is my HD, RAM, and mouse I shall be over-joyed!

Now just to find someone to install the RAM ^^;

And I TOTALLY need disks (CD-R)!!!

I am on episode 24 of Detective Conen.
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