June 26th, 2006


holy shiz!

What a wonderful way to start my day.

I got back from my hair dresser talking meeting thing, and she said to buy some mouse stuff to use in my hair before I go to get it all nice-nice for prom tommorrow.

I relize I had bought finishing spray instead, so I go to mom's to get the recipte.

I decide "hey! I'll check my Gmail!" So I turn on the monitor (I had left the comp on because I'm downloaing somemore Detecyive Conan...)...

And sooooo many ad pop-ups! I don't even know why...anyway my task/start bar was gone, and nothing showed up on my Desktop (besides the actual background), and after I managed to get Explorer open, it said I had not favorites! So I turn-off the power (I didn't restart and shiz because I didn't want these settings saved.). I logged into my other WinXP account, and system restored. Then went onto my "Saochi" account and virus scanned and shiz.

Now Shagohod (or Shaglehod) is all better :) so I petted it like a cat...yes I am that weird.