May 24th, 2006

female Protagonist


Ok even hough it's eh 11:01pm my time I'm posting since I just finished typing my crappy "Stone Angel" (which I usally spell "Stone Angle"...) Pride thing :D

no on to the other essays....

I feel suprissingly good tonight. I've been sick all weekend, trouble breathing, and stuffed-up, chills, and the like ^^; I might even actually go to school tamaro ^^ though maybe not since I am still sick and I usally end up worst off if I don't rest....but I have to present for Computer Studies, and give my group my work :(

Ah I think I'll take a LJ break for the rest of the week excluding Saturday. I'm taking Saturday as a vacation :D since my RuneScape members kicks back in then :3

alchemy_hisoka (who by the way I'm going to try and reply to comments of), is going to ANIME BOSTON 2006 this weekend :D

I want to go to a con too! I wass all excited about FleetCon last September, but my ride ended up cancling due to surgury (I'm not mad a bit at Uncle Allen), and the Halifax was hit by Hurricain Juan that weekend, so it wouldn't ahve mattered anyway ^^;

I don't think I will try and go this year. It is like atleast a 3 hour drive from my house and I want to save-up my money.

I think I might try and go to Portland Con 2007 though :D a little ferry ride there, and a short bus trip, and there we are :P cheeper than Anime Boston too, and I'd still be visting New England *squee*

I plan on dyeing my hair pink as soon as graduation is over, I'll pay $15 CAD to get it done at the vocational school, instead of failing at it myself :P

So I'm going to start on that Neon (from Hunter x Hunter) cosplay I talked about >^_^< (and I just thought of Sunao from Sukisyo this morning...could I go as him? ^^; Or Misha from Pita-ten)

Ah but I must get a job before anything.

I was going to look for one now, but I have sooo much school work I have to do, that if I got one I wouldn't have time for sleep....

Anyway from the Shaglehod, Good Night!

EDID--Oh and I had bloodwork today ;-; I don't mind the needle being poked it, or watching the blood go into the little containers. I dislike the feeeling of the needle in the vein bruising the skin around it...I have a little bruise now. And I was sooo jittery afterward since I drank a extra-large 4 milk, 4 suger.