May 18th, 2006


Voice Post:

229K 1:13
“Hi um, I um don't really want to type today so you get audio. And um it was raining buckets today, earlier when I came over. I ran kinda like a wimp 'cause I didn't want to get struck by lightning holding a metal umbrella, and the power went out earlier today when I was playing on the compuer, about 15 minutes after I got on the computer it stopped storming, and it's all sunny out now. and um then the internet's been funny, so I think it's still storming where the Aliant place is, because my internet will disconnect and then come back on, so that's why I'm wasn't playing RuneScape anymore today. and I won't be on much next week, 'cept for when I'm on at school, because I have to finish this "How ah pride effects the chapters 6 and 7 in the novel 'The Stone Angel'". It's group work, and I haven't started it till today. and I haven't been feeling good ether, hence my voice isn't very good. Anyway that's about it, goodbye.”

Transcribed by: lady_noremon

I sound really crappy/tired here O_o;

EDIT--ALiant is my local internet provider ^^;