May 11th, 2006

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Ok I noticed Grave's (a friend of mine from .Hack chat) MSN message thing;

I message him;

Me: then I'll be a duck not a n00b :D
Grave: XD
Me: but wouldn't eating n00bs cause you to be a canibal?
Me: or are n00bs considered people?
Grave: No, Noobs are considered on the pwned food list, and very delicious once you get the idiot out of them.
Me: *lmao*

Just thought I'd share that ^^;

kinda sounded like something wraithlord42 might say....

btw wraithlord42 is a guy from runescapelounge
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Ok yesterday I got a VE-HIC-AL! It cost $250 CAD ^_^

it is a old "Profesinal Bowling Repair" van :D

it is bright red, and has rust spots, and the ppl that sold it filled it full of garbage before Charles picked it up (it was clean when he bought it).

I'm calling it the "Shag Wagon" atleast temporary, since Wendy was teasing me saying I was only going to use it to go parking...

The AM radio works, the lights work, the engine is good, the windsheild wipers work...though the windsheild is broken ^^;

It is my first vehicle (besides bikes, the lawn tractor, and a toy car I had), but it probally couldn't get saftey inspected because of the rust, but it's something to play with and hon my driving skills -- I might just have to get my license now!

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4 entries in one day? Holy shiz!

Anyway My finished Hamlet childern's book, which has lots of death in it, and for the troop of actors I used the ones from the first Hunter x Hunter musical X3 and then I used Kurapike, Leorio, and Killua for the roles in the ply-within-a-play part...


Oh my furve I don't want to draw anympre kids books for a loooooong time!

below the cut is one of the very few drawlings I've drawn for the sake of drawing in what seems like a long time...(though I did draw on Gon's b'day...)

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