April 16th, 2006


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What happens when you cross Civil War reenactors with comic book fans?

In other news, Easter has been fustrating....

Insert rant.

I haven't been on my computer in over a week, I come over for a bit (not only to use it, but to vist me mom since it's Easter).

A lot of my stuff was missing, and everything was ramsacked!

The only thing I was worried about was a e-mail address written on a little scrap of duck notepad paper. Nur's e-mail address. He was a childhood friend of mine. I hadn't had a chance to add it to my address book, and he had given it to his aunt before he left for school. I don't think I can get it again ether, since Mary hasn't heard from him in a long time >_<

Mom doesn't understand. She wouldn't help me look. She just pulled stuff out of my organizer thing and littered my desk.

I have cleaned/gone though/put away/throw-out everything on my desk, and still no e-mail address.

My mom went to bed, didn't even give me any candy for Easter. I asked her for some black ink. She didn't answer so I asked again. In the process tripping over this pile of clothes she has stacked next to the computer desk. I yell "Please, when you come down clean up this pile of stupid clothes I keep tripping over!"

she replys, "I'm going to sleep, Happy fucking Easter to you too!"

I've come to the conclusion my mom hates me. I was a mistake anyway "ruined her life" as she has told me many times. But I come over for the first time in over a week, and she can't talk to me decent, or help me.

end rant.

she is now making me parsnips out of guilt for treating me bad on Easter ^^:

found the address in the cat's litter box 4-5 weeks later
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female Protagonist

Happier :)

RuneScape Easter Event

No that's not a dead bunny *lmao* I just did the RuneScape Easter event....twice! And I am a hella lot happier then before! (i.e. my last ranty post)

And I want Pumpkin pie :D

So I had better be off >_<

And I miss Matt! I wish he would call, but he is probally too busy :(

Ah oh well!

oh and brownie points if you can say where the "Shagalhod" Shagohod is from! (besides being the name of my computer!)

Hint my External Hard-drive is named "Colonel Volgin", my DELL printer is named "Sniper Wolf", and my Canon printer is named "Psycho Mantis"


I also made 2 new user pictures. Replacing "L thinking" with "L", and "happy Killua" with "happy Gon"
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