April 12th, 2006

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Well started playing KINGDOM OF LOATHING at school, during boring times XD Ah it tis funessness. alchemy_hisoka showed me to it.

And I joined hunter_rating to get stamped....they think I'm a mix of Gon and Killua, I think I would like to be stamped as Gon, but everyone is leaning toward Killua, so we shall see how this turns out :D

Speaking of Killua, I'm kinda dressed like a weird colored Killua today XD

Black & Red track pants,
Yellow under shirt,
green drab outter t-shirt

And I didn't relize this, untill Computer Studies class XD


"My 'L' Book"

The boy in it was this sad big-eyed blackish-brown haired little boy. He kept putting animals in a box.