March 30th, 2006

female Protagonist


Ok before I lay-out some exciting news, I shall say that the place in Digby that I was going to go look at yet more dresses (that is run by nuns), got rid of most of it's "larger" sized clothes >_<

yes I fit into the more "larger" group, due to broad shoulders, and the fact that I take above a size 16

I find it rather sad that nuns, are selling wedding/prom/bridesmaids dresses.



I plan on going to ANIME BOSTON 2007!!!!!</u> =O

I am currently making a spreedsheet to keep track of how much money I need to make/save-up!

April 20-22 is the convention but I'd like to leave around April 18-19, and stay till April 14.

I have wanted to go to Boston for a hella long time!

I don't know about cosplay though ;-; I'd love to, but I can only have 2 pieces or luggage, and 1 carry-on.

I figure I could dress as Neon (from HxH), simply because my hair will be dyed pink by that time anyway. I would dye it now, but I fugure I should have natural color untill after the Prom.... Neon n'est pas les meilleur. Ah but she would super simple (I wouldn't likey bother with the whole hair-do thing she has going...Just take my hair and straiten it, and wear it down.

OH I forgot to say I got my hair cut/thinned on Monday! It now just barely touches my shoulders.

I'd say I could just go as ether Edo or Al, but my hair would be PINK, so thus it wouldn't look very nice....

Anyway I have to go to Greenwood today with my Mom, so I g2g

Please suggest easy cosplays.
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