March 29th, 2006

female Protagonist

Dresses (including rant)

Ok first off those fricking girls bugged me yesterday aswell >_< (the ones that bothered me during my free in the compy lab)

They were all "Hi Sarah DUMPHY!" "See I knew you could use a computer!" "You just have to hit the buttons." "There you go!" *I get up and leave for the library* "Aww your leaving Sarah DUMPHY? Well have a nice life!"


ANYWAY =O moving on!

I went after school yesterday to Digby (a hella pretty little place), to go to Linda Bridal Boutique. My mom and I were going to look for Prom dresses. They didn't have much that I liked. Though they were pretty with nice colors ^_^


The Water. The Harbor. The Town. The Sky.


Infact it almost made me cry ^^; how pretty the water was, almost like jewels or stone counter top.....

Anyway I laidaway ONG BAK at WalMart!!!!! And bough Minnow a harness (well Mom bought it, since I wasn't planning on going, kinda spur-of-the moment and all)!

Though I must be off back to Child Studies!!

I shall tell more news from yesterday later!