March 3rd, 2006

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Well Matt and his bro and mom were in a accident last night. They are alright, just the van is messed up on the underside.

I'm ultra happy they are alright, but I wish I had been called.

Instead I come in late, and the secretary tells me they were in a accident,a nd that was all she knew. I had to worry and wonder, untill, around the end of lunch when I found Stacey and asked if they were alright.

I hope to come vist over the weekend, if I can get a drive out and back.

I think I need to hug him right bad ^^;

And to think I was going to call ether last evening, or this morning, to ask if he would bring Moon Child back. Now I wish I had called.

--- edit

Well Matt went to Marcus's for the weekend, so I guess there was no point in tring to get a drive up anyway.