January 20th, 2006



Ok so I decided "eh since I have nothing better to do, I'll go the the Manga club meeting at the library."

Well no dice.

The meeting started at 7PM. and they never mailed a newsletter thing like usal. I figured it was at their normal times, so I decide to get dressed and go. I decided to call just to make sure it was on the usal time, and guess what instead of 7:45PM it was at 7PM. (this was at 7:08)

If I had left then I could have made the 15min drive, and had a hour to watch anime and shiz.

I am pissed at not getting a email saying it was at 7PM. Sure leave Frank Moris library out, yet email about the bigger libraries meetings.

And Mrs.Ward says I should try and socialize more ;-;

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