January 17th, 2006

Vanilla Gackt (ZOMG sexzay!)

What I want to download in 2006

Ok Jin-boy's latest entry gave me the idea (though his was about fugures he plans to buy) to make a list of what I want to download:

Keizoku <----OMG this looks soooooo good!
Rooftop Room Cat (or buy the box set if IO get money and figure out Amazon)
Kami-Kazi Kaitou Jeanne episodes 13-44
Catgirl Nuku Nuku (that is if I can find a torrent/download site)
Love Letter
Yakitate Japan
Twin of Brothers

I want to download these, but since mah comp is soooooo full (1.4gb left), I sadley can't download any of these, unless I get a external harddrive, or a laptop ;-; (unless someone would burn the files to disk and send them to me XD )

"Sometimes love tests us, because I love you
I shake off your suggestive gaze, wow
I don't want lies, truth, or even bargains
Now I just want to drown, oh, in your invitation"

edit-- oh and most of those are Korean dramas X3
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