October 11th, 2005

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Okies sorry about the last post being posted in this journal, instead of the lovely SheikxLink comm'.

YESTERDAY WAS TAHNKSGIVING!!! (well atleast for me, and my fellow Canadians)

I've been having waonky dreams latley. Sunday I dream about being a Net-Navi, named Sheikan, he/she (i think maybe it was a dude ^^; ), had whitetish-blound hair, and red topaz (runescape gem!) colored eyes. F'sho!

Last night I dreamt that I was assiting L with thr Kira investigation. He had come to crummy old Bridgetown (no idea why, it's a ultra long way from Japan.....). I went to meet up with him, at this old farm house, and he had a huge ladder, and i was all "Why would a armchair detective need a ladder?"

I blame my mom's stirfry kit thing she made.

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