September 19th, 2005

female Protagonist

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is a Tall Mutant Ninja that leaves a Trail of Stink, has Huge, Sharp Swords and Spooky Eyes, and looks like a Mime.

Strength: 10 Agility: 5 Intelligence: 2

To see if your Super Battle Ninja can
defeat Sheikan, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights Sheikan using
female Protagonist

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I am lucky. Well lucky enough to find two four-leaf-clovers, in less than 10 mins.

Yet I am not lucky enough to have Matty over on Friday ;-;

Yes I am soooooooo bummed over that fact.

I don't really have much to post actually, just the fact that I am a bloody lucky Irish chick, oh yeah!

BTW no licking my new L user picture! XDDDDDD
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