August 15th, 2005

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Well Trevor leaving didn't effect me the way I thought it would...

Yes I got rid of my ultra coolies "Mwoog..." icon. I decide to use my crappy "Sarah *sigh*" icon I made. Yes that is a chibified version of my fur-sona. I made this icon all by myself (with help from a gif program)!!!!


I have the exibition this week.

I already have 2 meals paid for, and 3 braclettes. >^___^< I just hope Matty comes to it!
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female Protagonist


Well I gotzorz tagged by teh unsound boooon;

List 3 things that bug you - things that others may find trivial:

1. How when I play Sonic Advance, or Sonic Advance 2, I forget that Sonic can't fly when I play the ice-type levels...
2. I don't like the guy's voice that does Alphonse Elric in the english version of FullMetal Alchemist, he sounds like a peanut's kid...
3. The feel of chalk *shivers*

Ok now I tag...hmmm...


In other news *duh, duh, duh!!!*

Oh fuck yeah! I still want Matty to come with me ("come" >X3 jk), to the convention!

Now just to decide who to go as...Edward Elric? Lady Noremon? Just wear my cat ears? Cap'n Cereal? Myself? Yoh Asakura? -___- I have no idea...

Now just to ask Matt for like the millionth time.

My aunt and uncle will take me w00ties!

I was just reading something on MSN and I found it quite funny with my yaoi perverted mind;
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Anywayz nighty night! I have chinese food, water, and candy to eat tommorrow.

Oh and about that water, I drew chibi Alphonse and Edward on the bottles >:3
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