August 13th, 2005

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Well I hope to go the Matt's tommorrow with Trevor.

The time is here, sadley. Trevor is moving on monday. *cries* I will miss him a whole crap load!

"Trevor if you read this, and I don't get to see you before you move, I want to let you know that you are like the bestest friend I have ever had. I won't forget you! *ultra-big hug*"


Marsha said she would have us up tommorrow, but so far no contact with Matty...PLEASE CALL ME!

In other news, I believe I may be getting sick. Why me?

The exibition starts on Monday, but I might not go the first day, and just stay home and get my moping around over with. I wish Trevor could stay for atleast anouther week...

I have 65$ saved up for the exibition, plus two braclettes, my mom and Wendy are going to buy me. It's kinda like in Zelda; I bought Wendy a t-shirt. In exchange she gave me a jar of Natella. She ate my jar of Natella. She gets me anouther jar of Natella. She gives that jar away. She offers to buy me a braclette for the exibition instead. I traded up from a $5 t-shirt to a $16-22 ride braclette.

I hope Matthew comes up to the exibition a day or two, or three. Last year I even offered to buy him a braclette if he came anouther day. Guess what? He didn't. Left me all alone. *grrr*

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*louder sigh*

Well Trevor's house is Marsha says......

That whore-fuck Matty isn't even at home! *grrr*

I doubt I will get to wish Trevor goodbye.....


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female Protagonist


That wanker Matt! *kicks him in the shins*

Anyway, I hope to get one last hang-out time with Trevor, and Matt, or just Trevor (I'm kinda mad at Matt).

The fact is, I can't seem to think of a good insult for Matt, besides whore-fuck. *sigh* I just hope he goes to the exibition, and goes on some rides with me. That fucktard!

Anyway feeling much better then I did earlier! I feel ok, now. Instead of feeling like my heart was being smothered under a wet blanket. ^^; (damn ashma)
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