July 24th, 2005

female Protagonist

Don't forget 3.OCT.10

Guess what I am waiting for PayPal to confirm my bank account, so I can buy?


T3h pocket watch!!!!!

I know expensive. But it the cheapest that has "Don't forget 3.OCT.10". They said they would wait untill my accunt got set up, w00t!!!!!

Once I get it I shall wear it almost all the time. Even though I now need to brush up on reading a regular clock (suprisingly I don'y need to brush up on roman numerals). I am going to wear it the first day of school.

I am also buying a FMA wrist band.

I think my Aunt and Uncle would be happy to know, that I am buying a high quality pocket watch with the money they sent me. Something that I will ultra love!



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