July 17th, 2005

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You are Asakura Yoh, The slack of person. Way to
go. You value your friends above everything and
would die for them. Thats so cool. Your a
little on the ditzy style but that works for
you. Music hols a special place in your heart,
peice of advise though don't spend your entire
life running after dreams. Make them real!!

What Shaman King Character Are You? Kawaii Pictures!!
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W00t! Yoh! *chews on his hair* =P
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A Sarah Googilism http://www.googlism.com/
Googlism for: sarah
sarah is here
sarah is evil
sarah is seventeen
sarah is performing
sarah is well
sarah is seeking
sarah is born
sarah is a beast
sarah is one the country's top five
sarah is the real thing
sarah is doing?
sarah is at home and expecting
sarah is motivated by compassion to do good deeds
sarah is corpse

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I HAD to do this

Googlism for: sheikah

sheikah is agaisn't
sheikah is an eye with a teardrop coming from the bottom
sheikah is a demon
sheikah is not what you think
sheikah is red eyes
sheikah is there
sheikah is born with red eyes if one parent is not of our sect
sheikah is ever mentioned
sheikah is more than welcome to lodge in this abode
sheikah is sworn to a master and would sooner die then expose him/her to danger
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