June 1st, 2005

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You Are The Wayward Heart
"Feel Better."

You are best described as 'Emotional Support'. Anytime an emotional issue comes up or something stresses people out, you are there to help them feel better about it. Whether you are the prankster of the bunch, the funny one, the wild one, or just the shoulder to cry on - your traits favor what it takes to keep people going. You like large groups of people and have many friends. When something hits home for you, however, you have a hard time with it. You also have difficulty paying attention or focusing on one thing. Above all, though, if people are happy, you are happy.

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female Protagonist

*Bah* D&D, illness, GNs, and procrastinating

Well I have been meaning to update this for awhile, like the last week. I was lazy I guess.

Over the weekend I was sick. I was über tired (still am :P), I had a über headache, my mouth was dry, my throat was sore, I ached all over, and I was ever so pale. I was asked if I was doing drugs, because under my eyes was all dark (raccoon eyes) and I was so pale. I missed school on Monday, to go to the doctor. He is sending me for blood tests, and a urine test, >_< *gah*. It's not that I hate needles, I just hate haveing the blood tests, 'cause they ether can't get any blood, or it keeps bleeding. Dr.Yafai is getting me tested for diabeties. Furve! Hope it's not that...

Anyway my week was not entirerly a bad experience. Even though I will probbally have to write my CAN HIS exam. I could not even show up and still pass the course though. I'm making atleast a 80...

I bought 2 new graphic novels on Monday! Cresent Moon vols 1-2! Nozomu is soooo awesome. That said the only reason I bought it was because the cover art was beautiful. Also reading of the back mentioned a werewolf. I love werewolves, so um I had to buy it then. I had some "extra" cash so I pur'cash'ed vol 2. I hope to get vol 3 within the next 2 months.

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I got to play D&D last night! I am upset because I can no longer have a chance of using Shia Lumbridge as my character...I made a new character last night for D20 Modern (thus the reason for no more Shia, she is a half-elf).

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I am going to Matt's house on Saturday (hopefully) to play more D20 Modern!!! Oh booyah!

I had Matty-Chan to my house last night while Little Benny and Stacey went to the middle level meeting thing. I managed to stay at 6% damage for 5:00 in SSBM! Agaimst 3 bots, with me using Linkypoo. That is one of my newest good score thingies. I am not that good at SSBM... The only level 9s I can beat if there is 3 of them are JigglyPuffs. I used to be good at it during the week I played it everyday for abunch of hours, while I was sick.

Anyway I want to read some scanlations and maybe some lemons before 5:30 pm (my time) so G'night all yaz!

---T3h Nor-Chan >^_^< *meow*

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