May 25th, 2005

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"I am a shadow, a watcher. I do not live, I merely assist others in their lives instead. Such is the way of a Sheikah."___Such is my prize; by ;canihavea-soda Collapse )

Okay I have till monday to finish my CANADIAN HISTORY PROJECT. *cries* I doubt I will finish it ;-; I am such a lazy person.

I went to Trevor's last night. Oh damn it why did Matt have to come? It's not like I don't like hanging out with him, I love it. It's just that *grrr* why can't I hold him in public? Ah but nvm. I had fun anyway. My young Padawan, is fun to teach. Yes I am teaching Trevor, all I know in Flash. He shall soon be ready for the trials. Now all I need to do, is think up some trails. Yep, I'm a real Jedi master, I just make these things up as I go along. I am not even good at Flash. Ah ohwell.

Matt is gonna finally get Albedo! Oh hell yes! I shall be a furry cat in a rpg! Mwahahahah! Matt and Trev are planning on adapting it to StarFox.

I can't wait for my lovely FullMetal Alchemist gn to come in. I was suprised that The Inside Story never got it in with their normal batch of manga. I love Edo, almost to the point of....well actually I don't really have anything in mind. Just sorta being all "Edward Elric rockz0rz!" "Give me Ed's hat!", and stuff like that.

I stole Trevor's pants last night. XDDDD no I didn't take them off him, and make love. >_< your all perverts if you think that! HE gave me his old pair of cadet pants. They are just like Edo's! I love Trevor now! I shall make him something like a doll. A fox doll! A little mini chibi Trevor Equeuntani doll! Yes! That is what I shall make! I have worn these pants since I got home last night. and all day today. And nobody at my house noticed. Only Charles, who I infact told. AND I DON'T NEED TO GO SHOPPING FOR ED PANTS FOR AnimeNorth BEFORE I MOVE!!!

I wish they hadn't cancled Highlander off of Spike! ;-; I loved that show!

Eh anyone know what that song from Escaflowne, the one that played when Hitomi was talking to those 2 people in like the 2nd episode. The sorta classical song. -__- I want that song. I need that song. (well not need but want fangirlishly)

I fear my LJ club has become inactive again. Sadly. I thought for awhile there it had picked up. All my clubs seem to die. *cries*

Oh guess what (adding more stuff to a already long post)! I got a picture I drew in the yearbook! I shall tke a picture of the page, as soon as my mom pays my yearbook off.

I was going to ramble on about how I am gonna miss Trev when he moves, but I shant at this ye momente.

Sweet dreams,
T3h Nor-Chan
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