May 19th, 2005

female Protagonist


Well I role played with Matt-chan, and Trevor-kun, on Tuesday! Oh man that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun. I got to be Sarah Cook. Yes Cook, bwahahahaha! It is funny because Cook is Adam-chan's last name. But MAtt suggested it, and he didn't know that is was, so that's alright. Besides Sarah Cook sounds nice.

I finally got the Sukisyo soundtrack and episodes 7-8 downloaded. I love Yoru-sama, and Ran-san. I suggest for ppl to watch it.

I had to go to the track meet today, to get some of my PAL leadership hours. And I learned how to play Risk. I controled all of North America for like....10 seconds. <-____-> damn you Will, taking my ally Matty's turn. I felt like George Washinton for a bit there. It was my destiny to control all of North America. But I didn't have Manifest Destiny. I didn't have to go outside and time the runners atleast. I got to spend time with Matthew so the day wasn't half bad. AND I GOT TO MEET SAMANTHA!!!!!! She is soooo cool! She's Josh's girlfriend, and a otaku. We talked about anime, manga, and JRock! Gackt! She liked my FMA shirt, and my neko hat (I drew a >^_____^< on a plain black, and brown hat). I wish I could get to see her again, but sadly I don't think Matt's friends like me that much.

I splited something on my FMA shirt! Oh no! It landed on Alphonse's face, now it looks faded. One of my cat ears (I wish I had worn them to the track meet) is all woobly. I should try and fix it, or better yet make new ones in a bit.

I wish Matt would have rp yiff with me <-____-> but he won't. Maybe he will come to my house tommorrow! *squee*
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