April 4th, 2005

female Protagonist

Bwahaha ;P

Okay um can somone help me? Is Hyde from L'Arc~En~Ciel, or from that other band (sorry frogot the name at the moment -__-) I like L'Arc~En~Ciel, and I had thsi track with "Hyde" singing it, but I can't remember if Hyde H-y-d-e, id from LAEC, or Hide H-i-d-e is from LAEC -____- I know I'm forgetful.

In other news, I am taking my poor baby Minnow Tora to the vet tommorrow morning to get her spayed. I feel bad, because I won't get to see her for a whole night. She sleeps on top of me and I cuddle with her.

---I am sitting next to Sam-nim!!! *Sqee!!!!* >^___^
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