March 12th, 2005

female Protagonist

March Break and the like.

Well I officially started March Break at 3:25 pm yesterday. TO celebrat a new defalt user picture. See it's Riya, from G-Senjou No Neko. Which is infact my favourite manga at this time. I colored it myself. I got Blender last night. I have been playing around with it. I wish I could make models like Trevor though....I can texture on the other hand! I have come to the whole out conclusion of needing a boyfriend. Though ofcourse with my looks that is almost impposible -___- I want to go to Bridgewater over the break, but of course Kenny told June, and June told that control freak Wendy, so I probbally won't be able to now....fuck. I wish my digital camera worked good but instead it won't work on my computer anymore. I got to watch FAKE today! ^_^ I was dissappointed though, I thought there would be all yaoi, but none of the whole slash..... I don't think I have a crush on Sam-nim anymore. Which is sad because now I don't even have that. No boyfriend. No unrealistic crushes. Nothen. Just my shonen-ai that ends up usally making me mad, because I know I'll never have romance again. But I watch/read/look at it anyway, because it's just so...umm *drool*. Now off to watch Salad Fingers again! *flys off*
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