October 7th, 2004

female Protagonist

"about as stealthy as a herd of orange elephants."__Falco

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Today was good. Matt came over. It's only been since tuesday since he and I have "chilled" yet we missed each other. As soon as we got in my room it was shove on the bed and me giggling. I love him. >^.^< ANYWHO we were chatting on MSN last night and I said I should dress up like Snake for Haloween. Just get a box and go as him being stealthy. I think I will actuallt atempt to go as the imfamous Solid Snake for Halloween. Little kid: I don't believe you, your not snake. Me: Umm...Of course I am see my box? Then I'd hit him with a rock and stratle a wall to stealfully escape. Heh. I wish Matt's disk would work long enough for him to beat MGS TS on the Meryl one. Anyway I can't wait till the next dance. Not That I want to go, but because I want Matthew to come over. BTW I never menchined this before but http://blanca2d3dmaster.deviantart.com/ let me use one of her pics for a icon. So I didn't draw the blancagreen icon she did, though I wish I had though. I can't wait till tommorrow night to watch the whole anime stuff on YTV. I love tacos, their like the mexicain gods gift to the world. >^.^<
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