September 7th, 2004



Yeah um I feel bad. Awhile ago, Tidd gets D&D crazy, and I'm one of the first people he tells, and I'm like cool let me play. So after 2 months of everyone else playing and stuff I push my way to let them let me play. Well I go to Matt's and Make a character. I didn't know much about D&D, and Tidd was busy getting Ben a character to, so I had a lot of questins, and well it took me awhile to get a character made up. I was happy to be aloude to play with a group, something I don't get to do that often. But my Mom came just as we started playing so I had to leave, and some other dude took over my character. Well the next day at school, I was told my character kicked butt even though they changed everything around, and took all my stuff. Then I wanted to know when I could play again. They ignored me, they never spoak of my character again, even Matt forgot. I felt über shunned, I was so angry. But I'm over D&D now. I enjoy rping as a sheikah on yahoo. I don't even want to p[lay it anymore, well maybe a little, but not as much as I want to play this furry game Matt's getting. Matt told me about it, and wanted me to play. I was soooooooooooooo happy, I wanted to play. I had to ask him though who else was going to play though. And he said just me and Ben and him. That like clinched it, I was going to get to play! But I told Matt that I hoped I didn't get pushed out of the picture again. He was so upset 'bout that. He told me he was sorry, that it was terrible what he did, forgetting 'bout me aswell. I forgave him, of course. But I woun't forgive Kyle, and all the others. I don't think I can... I'm used t getting excluded, but not by my "friends".
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