August 4th, 2004

female Protagonist


Man I need sleep. I gotta stop reading so much legend of zelda fics. Damn Wendy. Argggg, I can't stand her. I kicking her out after the exibition. That is what keeps my sanity. I hate pop-ups. I drew some crap last night. Damn me, and my addiction to yaoiness. Can't wait for the new Foamy flash to come out. I think I would like to make a plushy of Link. O would make Sheik, but that looks too complicated. My computer must hate me. I have sooooo many Sheik pictures now. If I were skinnyer around the middle, and my breasts weren't so big, I woulod cosplay as Sheik, if I had teh money to. I am thinking ;bout making a Zeldaz costuum. I wish I could see Matt...oh well *sigh*. Well i had best be off to do some chowing.
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