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~To Do List;

-Remember to bring workable fixitive [forgot to bring it -___-]
-Remember to put on braces[arm] [check!]
-Go to Visual Fundamentals [check.....though I was late do to the previous item]
-Come back to room... [back atm]
-Have a shower [check! Though I had a bath instead :D]
-Wash own dishes if other Dorm Mates have finally washed their's (EDIT-- still dirty, 2 sinks full T_T) [will put this off till tomorrow T_T* as no sink tonight...]
-Have some food (probably Chunkie soup) [Chicken & Sausage Gumbo is not as spicy as it advertised...or as yummy :( ]
-wash plate/bowl [no sink to wash it in, until the other Dorm-Mates wash their's]
-gather laundry and put in washer
-come back, and put all recycling in a bag.
-wipe off desk. [can't until dirty dishes are off of it ^^;]
-move Sunflower to a place closer to the window. [check! Now just to remember to open my blinds during the day so it can have some natural light :P]
-start worksheet#2 for DD1380
-go put clothes in dryer, and throw-out garbage & recyclables.
-come back and finish worksheet#2 and do #3-#4
-go get dry clothes and place into the drawers
-do worksheet#5
-go on ?Blackboard and get study aid for AR2600(Art History?)'s quiz on Thurs'
-read a AkuRoku fic, containg smut if possible [check...though no smut in this one :( ]
-talk to Matt and let him know that it is only0.03% with 'perfect use', which I have been doing. [>;3]
-Get-up at 6:30am in order to be ready for DD1380 Photoshop test at 8:30am sharp ;_; 

Also somewhere in there I need to get my photopaper (hopefully Matt with feel compeled to be the one to bring it, so I can snog him >.>) Need to get Paul to take me to buy some.

-Snogged Matt, though only for a second as he had to go due to his dad parking in a 'off-limits' lot.

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