Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

*woooo!* :D

Got around to finishing "Compliant" chapter#02!!!!

 It's on my account (though the layout is way off compared to the copy I put on sheikxlink_fc)...

It is my only multiply chapter fanfic'!!! [actually "Like Lovers" was going to be a 'two-part'er, but I lost that 'plot-bunny' for the time being >.> (also if I ever do finish it it would not be acceptable for FF or possibly LJ what with 'Strikethrough' having taken place...)]

Same as last time I wrote it while listening to Erasure, though not as late at night, or after having read some of "The Vampire Lestat", so the style isn't exactly the same as last time ;__;


Matthew!!!!~ You need to start going online after work, [and after Halo3 I guess), and chatting to your girlfriend T_T; *hehehe*


Good Night, yo!

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