Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

I need RP :D (>.>) *shrug*


This sandwich (not good enough to be called a 'samich') is horrible. The salami is sooo fatty and slimy and gross...and was 5 pieces for $2 >=O (*tosses the remaining 1/4*)


Behold! Arm-Brace!;

I was instucted to get some to prevent further stress on my right forearm while it heals -___-;

I must say that the elbow one really is helping, but the wrist one is annoying [though less so since I've removed the metal supports (I might keep in the bottom one, maybe)]


I love Matt!~ (went over and did 'stuff', along with played Halo3 Live :3)

I love my purple Elite :D (Lady Noremon = S69)

[Yes it is/was originally S85, but >;P *snerk*]**


Bought a bedding set today because I needed a comforter, and it was cheaper to buy the marked-down set than to buy one separatley since it was 'red-tagged' :D *hee~*

I got this one because the colours reminded me of this picture ^^;

I am glad I got a nice thick one, as I am soooo cold at night now ;-;

I also got 2 new cushions too :3 


 <---fancy-smancy cushions (and I can not spell well at all, or type ether...)

Oh and today I pined my hair in a attempt to mimic Demyx >.> I would have taken a picture, but I forgot ^^; (I had a Leorio-mixed-with-Axel day today ^^;)

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