Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Roxas Ramblings

  Yeah 4:00am in my day of Roxas mood.

It must suck to be Roxas.

Most Nobodies/Heartless choose to [not feel] to give-up their Hearts. Now we all know Sora would never do such a thing, so thus Roxas is even unnatural for a Nobody.

To be not able to have emotions, and to be told that you can only pretend to have them -- be it subconciesly or not. To have others be taught that you are the very definition of "heartless", that you are back-stabbing, decietful, cruel, and only interested in your own gains. That you do not feel.Een if they never met you. Atleast for regular nobodies this can work as punishment/regret for having given-in to The Darkness, but for Roxas I guess that choice was never made.

No wonder he is so messed-up.

Roxas is then placed in a 'cage', and forgets that he "as never meant to exist". He becomes genunely able to have friends, and also rivals. He is able to be normal for awhile. We don't have the self-loathing Roxas, but almost the 'pure' Roxas. Also he really like sea-salt icecream >.> *wonders if it tastes good*.

Eventhough the whole place is odd, he is able to interact with people, and more-or-less to 'feel'.

Then Summer Vacation is almost over.

The 'cage' begins to end, and Roxas has to be told all over again that he is just of Darkness & that he has no feelings. That all his friends from Twilight Town, are just data and wre never antthing more. That he was fooled so thatthis' Sora's memories could be laced back together. He only existed for the sole purpose of Sora. He is noting but a 'dopelganger' or sorts -- a shadow.

He has to go through learning he is just a emotionless empty shell.

He did have a 'friend' when he was in Organizaton XII -- if he could be called that, since Nobodies have no Hearts, and thus can't be a part of friendship.

I also feel for the angst that is around Axel. (also who's Nobody is he? 'L''e''a''?)

I can now see why Roxas smashed the computer terminal. He wanted to fight against the end of his existance. To atleast not go compliantlly.

Sora needs to have more of Roxas surface. I agree with 'what's-his-name.

Roxas can go from being seemingly cheerful, to being cyanical and cold. He does feel. I know he does feel Hatred quite well. I would too....


Yes, I woke-up at 4-ish due to being hungry -__-;

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