Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

I am yet again in a Roxas mood ^^;


:P I drew this because of it.

College has wreaked what anime/manga skills I had ^^;

"Yeah I NEEED a scanner/printer -___-

Anyway my first real attempt at drawing Roxas [not in Oekaki].

I tried the same pose today and failed on my +OekakiBBS+.

I made his hands large, as I have noticed the KH people all have big hands <.<

ROXAS IS SOOOO DAMN COOOOL!!!!! (abet full of angst ^^;)

Yeah and that writting is "Roxas" in CyrillicA (the 'S' is supossed to be on the same level, but I ran out of room) because just writting 'Roxas' would have been boring.

I plan to scan & colour this when I get a 2-in-1 :3
Roxas has long eyelashes for a boy ^^;

Also that in ink is a failed attempt at Axel on a bike being extremly happy (as per that girl from that scene from that Jesse MacCartney video for "Right Where You Want Me) ^^;

Yeah it is Roxas with a heart XD (I know ^^;)!

Oh and he is wearing the outfit I want to wear to Cosplay as him.

OC3.5 Overlay layers to make it stand-out more....
 "____taken from my DA upload of it

I just plain love Roxas, eventhough his story of full of angst and makes me sad...."Oh Roxas, you are my China Doll"

Yeah also Halo3 soon!!!!

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