Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

"...when will we share precious moments..."

Well I am eating instant oatmeal for breakie.

Yesterday was quite enjoyable.

I ate well, and got laundry done. I managed to have a 'non-fighting' conversation with my mom over the phone. I got to talk to all three of my cat honeys, and started a fanfiction...Oh! and Matty was over >;3 

I am still in a kind-of stupor from him. I think that may of been the most loud & unhindered we have ever been...also like all of my Dorm-Mates were home *ahahaha*. And what would you be doing if it was you with the hot lover visiting?

Oh Matt!~


Also I stayed-up late last night and preceeded to write a Shink fanfic. This is quite different from my usually fluff and not as bad as that angsty fic I wrote. This has some angst but I am also adding in some slash (which I have never publically written before).

The fic' is called "Compliant", and I do believe I am writting Sheik as a uke....which is odd as I usally have him as semeru >.>

It feels good to be writting again ^^;

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