Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
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-insert title here-

So first-off N00bCon is on Febuary 16th :3 (and I can attend as it is free and in the same city :D)!

So shoulf I go as regular, Greed Island, or Musical~ Killua?

I finally got a stripped undershirt :3 and brought everthing I need with meh :D


Yeah I have been on a Erasure kick the past few days ^^;

I really admire Vincent Clarke ^^ and I found-out his wife just had a baby! Oscar? :)


Yeah I was going to update before I went to lay-down and watch "Black Lagoon" episode #2, but I forgot what I was going to say...besides about me hating this shampoo I used tonight --made my hair even poofy-er >_<


In other news I ranked as a '1.5' in Kinsey >.>


Oh my mug I ordered in like July finally came :O

and when I say; "My mug" it truly is. It is one of my Deviations I openned-up as a print.


Here** is the gallery with the pictures.

I have to be careful with it, as I do not know if it is microwavable, and so it doesn't get stained (since I have been sick I do dishes once ever 2 days >.>)

I currently have 2 bowls, 2 salad plates, 3 mugs (not including Tim Horton's travel mug under my bed), and 1 dinner plate. I also have 5 teaspoons, 5 tablespoons, 5 knives, 4 forks, and 2 pairs of chopsticks.



Will re-comment on the pictures in the gallery when I get a chance --I had it like 1/3 done and it didn't save when I took a break -_________- 


Oh here is the original edit of my Roxas user picture;

<---edit x original---> 

ROXAS~! :3

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