Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


 Mom never did pay back what she said she was going to -___-;

Oh well I guess.

I need to hit her up for like $300 next time she gets paid so I can pay for my other course I took by the 28th. I am going to call her tonight -___-

I am still sick. I belive it to be the flu. I gave felt sick to my stomach, and have almost puked several times. I also have a fever, and no appetite.


New default user pic for awhile (made by me in PhotoStudio5).


I need to get a tv or something so I can play KH2 again (though I am now playing Sora >.>)

I am under the opinion that Roxas is cooler than Sora. that is probably why they added like Courage (I think that is the name of the Red one) outfits and crap.

Also Roxas got stonger the closer he was to the end. Like TWO keyblades biach! [and he can do Reversals ^_^]

And I still feel bad for Axel. He was cocky at the end though :P I am still somewhat sad I had to smake him in (what is usally) the ribs with mah keyblades -___-; cool cutscene though...


I drew a picture or Armand last night while listening to Erasure (mostly Sweet Surrender & I Bet You're Mad at Me & Don't Say You Love Me).

I'll have to wait till I an scan it now -___-; I am going to get a 2-in-1 deal thing when I get a chance. Atleast I can now pay Matt back for the stick.


I need to check my mail today again, as CanadaPost says my tube-o-pictures as arrived at the Housing mail-box.

I can't wait to have Gackt on my wall :3 and that picture of Matt & Me from Prom'


I am now going to go shower & fall asleep after listening to some-more Erasure & maybe watching more "The Meloncoly of Suzamiya Haruhi" >.> *Itsuki* --> I am still trying to decide if he is a seme or uke? Maybe manipulative uke? No idea....

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