Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

On the 2nd day it Rains...or was it the 3rd...

2nd day in The Dorms.

I had a rather tasty bento I made yesterday, all except for the salmon, which I didn't like the taste of 9one of those microwave packets).

Today I made one with mini-quech(sp?), veggie spring rolls (which were really good, though I think they makers expect me to eat the whole box at a time, as it came with 2 plum-sauce pouches), various vegetables, and 2 mini cream-puffs.

AH! I have to go to school in a 1/2 hour >_<

Well atleast I am mostly ready, and eating cereal, and making tea, and then I just have to switch-out my English books for my History ones.

Oh! I also took-on the Canadian History 1500-1867 & Canadian History 1867-Present courses.

*Western History Minor away!*

[and by 'Western' I mean all around-- from Russia to North America, --just not Africa, South America, & Asia]


I envy my Drom-Mate Tanis. She went with friends to see "HairSpray" last night.

Matt had agreed to take me to it, but he has since changed his mind and crap. So I am guessing since I can not go on a date, I must venture forth and go to CinePlex on the bus. I had even offered to buy the tickets if he would go with me...


Yesterday school went well, 'cept for these two bitches.

I have low blood-pressure.

Since I do, I get rather dizzy at times, and the only way to help is to eat something with ether cafeine or sugar in it.

During Design Fund', I had a spell so I went to the vending machine during the 5min break the teacher gave us, and ate a Mars bar, after having failed at getting the machine to sell me some mini-Oeros.

After class I was leaving on my way to my Dorm, when these two girls from that class (and the short-haired boyish one is in almost all my classes) left the building behind me.

"Look at that cow!" fluffy-booted one said.
"Don't you rember she was in our class woofing in that chocolate bar."
"Like she needed it!"
"I know, she is gross!"

If they say anything again, I am going to be all;

"Cut it out. You are in college for fuck-sakes, so stop acting like you are in elementary."

Girls can be crueler than guys in that regard.


Oh and someone should send me a text message via LJ, so I can know if it works from other ppl.


and now back to my cereal & tea >.>

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