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Shaglehod x Sweet! x Going Classes...

~Made via T3h Sexy's Wii (Nintendo is sexy too, but I mean my boyfriend-honey)~


[When I will be on it for a great/common ammount of time, I really don't know]

I LOVE my Dorm!!! My room is much bigger & cooler than I was expecting. I took some pictures, so I'll make a LJ 'album' when I get a chance. [btw my camera is like this <-----> far from retirement. I am glad Matt works at Future Shop, so he can staff me one for some-what inexpensive.]

I had to 'go shool' today...well yesterday-by-4-minutes >.>

I haven't been on campus much, but I am already in love. The layout is very appealing --abet I got lost some (though I have very little sense of direction...).

Introduction to the History of Art (Western), is going to be full of awesome! The teacher (Paul?), records 'Pod Casts' & all his slide-shows on his website.

I am glad I am taking history as a Minor, so if the whole 'Visual Arts' thing doesn't go well' I can use it as my Major [and maybe I will become a archeologist...] >.>

I don't know how I feel about Visual Fundamentals yet, as we just drew our hands today (with non-dominate hand, blindly, dominant hand, and using shade values). I think the teacher is expecting a lot from us, and she doesn't like how I draw fast & sketchy -- she likes slow & solid lines.

Both teachers let us out early.

I have English Literature in a Global Perspective tomorrow at Noon.

I bought almost all of my textbooks today. I had to buy new as they keep changing. "Art History" volumes 1&2 were $134CAD each -____-;

I also splurged on a 29 package of Sharpies, a brown GPRC hoodie (Grande Prairie is getting damn windy & somewhat chilly), some various pens and extra-fine Sharpies, a purple Sharpie highlighter, and a copy of "Bridget Jones Diary" (which is a mandatory read for the other English class ;-;).

I need to buy black ink, a round-tip brush, and I think 2-3 sheets of bristol-board (which the Vis' Fund' teacher calls "cover sheet") tomorrow.


I also had to break-down and buy a tube of OrajelPM for my tooth >.< I can't wait for the dentist which just sounds creepy...

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