Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Wii *biach*

Yeah, I am using Matty's Wii (Nintendo that is >.>) dis mor'ing. Paul & I checked the weather and the news on it at 6:20-ish today. We read a rather interesting [news]story from Austin, TX regarding ultra-capasitors(sp wrong definatly ^^;) and how they could replace batteries in [plug-in] cars.

I think I like posting su la Wii, however my wrists (yes both, as I switch) are now tired.

Oh! I ordered "Project Blue Rose" & "Spindrift" last evening. Yay for Rachel&Telophase :P

I also got my RuneScape Members back (well as soon as e-check clears).

I am very glad Armadei~ made it to London safely. Also how she got to chill about wit' some other students :3

I want to play some D20 with atleast Matf, as for some odd reason, I am missing his characters (yes, and Mylo).

I wish I was Informer Bass -_-;


Also I guess I need to re-send a check to LJ, so I can get my damn Paid Account >_<;

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