Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Jiger Gon?

The title comes curtiosy of a spam mail I just deleted on mah Gmail account <.<

It is like super-mega-special-mecha-Gon Freecs :P [-desu] from "Zoids" ^^; *Liger Zero away!*

Yeah I stayed-up very late last night with Matt, mostly playing "Kingdom Hearts" & "Kingdom Hearts 2"!

ROXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!1 =O (y\Yeah I know he isn't 'real'; in that sense, but HE IS AWEEEESOME!)

Much cooler than Sora >:P

Matt-honey, as were joking about "The Sea of Homosexuality". In KH in the opening when you start a new gema (game), there is this ocean and Riku (whome is also damn cool, abet naive/easily taken by evil like Jake from "Ape Escape"...not that Spectar is evil or anything...just vain) like beacans Sora into the sea, and Sora is all like ":) Yaya!" and then he wakes up on the beach. Later he gives him a paupu fruit --something that "connects the two people who share it for eterity"-- and Sora looks happy, then like looks shocked and tosses it...also when Riku is all "If I win, I get to share the paupu fruit with Kairi." and Sora looks soooooooo upset and let-down. Also like Matt & me were turning around a lot of the things the Islanders were saying to make it sound dirty :P Like there is a kid (well young Tidus) that is all "Sora, do you have time for a quick round?" **; ah what we find to amuse ourselves at 2am <.<

Then there was David Bowie.

If we were David Bowie we would constantly be saying "Well I'm David Bowie" and doing whatever we pleased >.>

David Bowie must be exhausted being David Bowie.

Matt joked that to be mysterious he should pretend to be bi-sexual like David Bowie.

We paln on getting david Bowie to do a crap load of our voice acting....and bribe him with cigarettes....which he gave-up (he smoked 30-30-a-day o_o)

Matt should cosplay as David Bowie as Jareth...and I am going to go as Roxas.

Actaully I'm going to buy a cheap (probably thift) pair of cargo pants and a pair of black pants, along with some clothes rivets and make Roxas's pants >.>

But yeah, it is really nice having Matt near-by again.

I got my sleep pattern back in order :3

Up to 11:00pm-3:00am, and then wake-up at 9:30am-10:00am :3 I am glad the time change didn't effect me that bad.

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