Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Well I made it

Yep I are bez in Alberta.

I am tired and crap, but the flight wasn't all that bad.

I meant to make another post yesterday upon arriving at t3h honey's, but I totally forgot after I read my Friends page.

I didn't read like any of the 5 mangas I took with me. I read a smidge of "YnM"#1, but I decided to watch "Waitress" instead....whick I never got to finish -_________-; I guess I try and rent it when I get into the Dorm...

I bought a crap-load of games today (well like 4, and Matt bought me 1)

TLoZ; Four Swords, Baiten Kaitos, Kingdom Hearts, FF; Crystal Cronicles, & Kingdom Hearts 2 :3

I also bought 2 Twilight Princess t-shirts as I just couldn't resist their awesomeness >^_______^<

I might take the time to make a better post later-on, as I don't like using Matt's Mac' for much.

Oh! And Matts also got me Oden Spear & Star Ocean; Till the End of Time...and Soul Caiber 3, & WindWaker! Fuck, eh?

I ♥ Matt

Also his house has a JET-TUB!!!! >;3


Take care --exspecially ARMADEI-- and best wishes

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