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“___ want to go into the gate to Grand Prairie. Yeah. I'm at Calgary now. And my, I just got off my 6 and 1/2 hour flight. Actually it was longer than that cos we had to wait for the planes to clear. So we were delayed by air traffic. But I want to finish watching the movie. I hope it's on the Grand Prairie 1. It's like a hour and a 1/2. So the Grand Prairie and like, I had an hour less than the movie. So hope it's on there. So anyway it was the waitress. Yeah. And my computer will come probably tomorrow or so. Anyway gotta see Matt ___. And I gotta get ya. I guess I'll call ya when I get in Grand Prairie. Hope they have the phone on the back of the things like they did on the 1 that I went to Paris and Ontario. Anyway. Yip. Made from the airport.”

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