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Quickie >.>

Yep a short post made on Charles's work computer [I had to online check-in].

I have packed MOST of my stuff, but not my suitcases as I need to bath/wash my currently worn cloths before I can do that.

My lovley computer was sent in 3 boxes, and in total weighed 104lb. it cost me $92.00CAD to ship with Purolator.

So now I just have to wait for it to arrive [along with my other shipped stuff] once i arrive and have stayed at Marsha's for like a day-or-so.

I am actually kinda nervious now. I just printed-off my boarding pass.

I am also excited about seeing my Matts-honey for awhile though. I am sad though about leaving June & Minnow. I am also depressed [but trying not to let it cross my mind] that I won't see Patches again, as June is having her 'put-down' the end of September.

Nothing else I can do I guess.


I am taking my MP3 player, my digital camera, my brand-new sketch-book, various markers, "Casino Royal", & 5 manga volumes to keep me entertained on my 6 1/2 hour flight [not including my lay-over in Calgary].

The manga I am taking are;
"Decendants of Darkness" Vol.#1-2,
"Kingdom Hearts" Vol.#1,
"Alichino" Vol.#3, and
"FullMetal Alchemist" Vol.#6

I am in window seats for both flights, and I am as near as I can get to the bathrooms (on the GP flight the row nearest the bathroom was full). I am also in a short distance to a Emergency Exit ^^;

For Halifax-->Calgary I am in seat 29F
For Calgary-->Grande Prairie I am in seat 11F

I hope I am not next ot any babies or perverts >.>


I also bought a new outfit for if Matt does infact take me on that daté :P if not i'll just wear it to the Dessert Party the Student Association is putting-on ^^;



The Red Elvises are putting-on a concert there, so if I can save-up enough I might just go and visit Trevor before I fly back to Nova Scotia on the 20th (if I am done with my exams -__-;). We can go and party/ect. and watch "Your favourite band" preform :3

damn Russians and their 'Kick Ass Rokenrol from Siberia' <.<


Yes I did infact break-down and buy "Desendants of Darkeness" Vol.#2 (lovely Armadei sent me Vol.1...I don't care if it is badly translated XP) in Greenwood yesterday, as they had all but Vol.#1 in stock, and I ♥ Watari >.> (♥=heart not love in this case)...oh Hijiri :P

"Kingdom Hearts" is a 'flipped' manga, though i can't rember if it is supossed to be that way or not.

I have been saving "Alichino" Vol.#3 since i got it in the Winter for a occasion like this :P

I decided to finally buy Vol.#6 of FMA since it was instock at 'The inside Story'.

Oh and btw I found out I have Low-Blood-Pressure! Explains a lot -__-;

Oh and Wendy asked if Armie had any pets, and I told she used to keep iguanas :P
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