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"about as stealthy as a herd of orange elephants."__Falco

Today was good. Matt came over. It's only been since tuesday since he and I have "chilled" yet we missed each other. As soon as we got in my room it was shove on the bed and me giggling. I love him. >^.^< ANYWHO we were chatting on MSN last night and I said I should dress up like Snake for Haloween. Just get a box and go as him being stealthy. I think I will actuallt atempt to go as the imfamous Solid Snake for Halloween. Little kid: I don't believe you, your not snake. Me: Umm...Of course I am see my box? Then I'd hit him with a rock and stratle a wall to stealfully escape. Heh. I wish Matt's disk would work long enough for him to beat MGS TS on the Meryl one. Anyway I can't wait till the next dance. Not That I want to go, but because I want Matthew to come over. BTW I never menchined this before but let me use one of her pics for a icon. So I didn't draw the blancagreen icon she did, though I wish I had though. I can't wait till tommorrow night to watch the whole anime stuff on YTV. I love tacos, their like the mexicain gods gift to the world. >^.^<
I have been having trippy but cool dreams latly. Matt is in most of them. Last night I dremt that the teachers at school were trying to find the best students to be spy type people. So they held this whole capture the flag thing. They devide use into 2 teams and made me the captain of one. One of the dudes how organized the test was the other team's captain. We had to build a fort out of what we could find. Theirs was shaped like a rocketship for some reason. Ours was more like clumps of yardsale over a field. Each team had this stick that could tag anyone even if used behind enemy lines. My team got two, because we were soppossed to be the weaker team. The captain was the only one who could use the larger one. I decided to check out the other sides base before we planned a attack. I went and stood in this LOZish path tunnel thing, and used sword skills with the stick to take out some of the enemies. I took a peek at their base and returned back to mine. Someone came up behind me when I was walking though my "troops" and put their arms around my neck. I could feel that they we how do you say "happy to see me", so I was like "Who is this?, Why are you doing this? To your own team captain no less." And then they spoke and I reconised it was Matt. So I relaxed and grinded agaist him a bit. Then we went off to my cabin. That night I decide to gather some information on where their flags were kept. So I took some gear and crawled into the vents. I placed these devices along the vents. I waited in the vents till night time. I found out they had several flags. 2 were decoys and one was the real one. I figured it was the one that wasn't being guarded on the far side of their fort. I decide to take the flags now insteed of waiting till morning. I got the first one easily, to easily I thought so I headed to the next one. I only had to take out two guards so I went to the next one. I used a cord to dangle above the flag. Some guys rushed at me, so I dangled upside down using my feet on the cord to invert myself. And spun around with the stick tagging all the dudes. I took that flag, and headed back to my cabin. Matt was outside it so I pushed him against the cabin and kissed him. I slept in his bed that night, with the flags secured under the pillow. The next morning the other team awoke to find that their flags were gone. I called a meeting on my side and got up and was all Morphius like in "We have won the war." I showed the flags in neat little cases. The other teams captain came over to congragulate me. He offer me a job in this whole MGS type operation. I declinded because I couldn't leave Matt for that long, due to him leaving the next year. Pretty trippy huh? I'm in a artist block currently.

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