Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Off I Go! x Shipped x Where is it?

Ok this will be the last entry I make from my mom's house on The Shaglehod....though I might be able to set-it-up again in the Summer.

So yep farewell to High-Speed until I get into my Dorm-Room, & my LOVELY computer arrives.....I REALLY hope sending it Courier makes it arrive safely & fast >.> they told me probably next Wednesday or Thursday (the ones coming-up) it would get to Marsha's if I send it tomorrow.

So yep her is to good luck!


I shipped my PS2 & GemaCube to Grande Prairie yesterday. All packed neatly, and it cost $45CAD ^^; for a 35lb box.

I wonder what The Shaglehod weighs?



When is my Paid Account kicking in? I want my 16 Voice Posts damn-it for when I leave Monday -__- and for after my computer is away.


Lastly below is a picture I drew of Sheik during the brief 1:00am thunder-storm we had last weekend.

I had just watched a documentray on a Italian painter, how drew odd nudes, so I decided to try one, and after looking at a BL picture called "Cure", I wanted to draw Sheik, in the bandages.

I left out one thing which WAS infact drawn in my pencil verson, but I figured removing it would add to the andromity >.> I DO know what it looks like as I am going on like 4 years of pretty intimate dating ^^;

Take care and lots-of-love to all of you~♥

--- Sarah


I'm putting this shot of my desktop so I know what I had at the time of shipping on it ^^;

[the desktop is avalible in my DeviantART gallery, only not inversed]


The complete Shaglehod weighs 104lb. and cost me $92.00CAD to ship to Grande Prairie <.< via Purolator
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