Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Just a random thought...

I still find it strange/odd** that someone does in fact, find me sexually attractive.

Actually when I was in town yesterday to get my hair-cut (I am now blound again :P), there where 3 guys about my age outside of East End Market. They were not from around here, as I did'nt reconize them. As I was walking pst them to use the crosswalk; one of them said something like "Now that's my kind of girl; big tits, and a nice round ass. I'd love to get something like that between the sheets." Now I will also mention that the only 'girls' there were me & June, and June is like a washboard...and 67 ^^;

Like I guess I should be flattered, though it was rather....disgruntling(word?)

I wonder if his friends later teased him about how plump I am >.>

I. Am. Matt's. Atm. Yah. Wanks.

I was talking to my honey (well my only boyfriend-honey, I have like 7 'honey's) last night over Web-Cam', and it still amazes me that he is so damn attracted to me.

**like not in a bad way, just like weird somewhat

[Here have some Nightbird album]
Tags: love

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