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Brown House#001

This is mostly for my reference, but yeah this is what was formally the 'Alexander Brown' house in my copy of The Sims 2. Alex-honey is now married (I made him scoop-up the first person he got 100% with >.> eventhough he is Romance-type). Though I guess it doesn't mean much to be married, since he already had a affair with the mailman o_o Sheldan....

First floor of main house

Second floor (only 2 rooms)

Backyard (as you can see Alex just Woo-Hooed for the 2nd time that day >.>)

And then soon after he made Don Juan >.> and his hubby made Supreme Savant(sp?) in the morning after making-out with him a bit.....and eating Cereal ^^;

My 'in-game' screenshots don't work right, so I had to use the ALT+Print Screen method ^^;

Oh I forgot to show some of Alex's REALLY odd paintings. 

The pink-one, the tiger-one, and the 2nd sunset ones are his....I think he has his own style :P

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