Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Dorm x Cash x Perspective Friends

Oh! I forgot to mention that my dorm information package arrived yesterday :3

With it was the names of my Dorm-Mates :D and I tried calling them yesterday evening-after-six.

I only mangaed to get Cara, as there was no answer for Kristen, and Tanis was at work.

Cara seems very nice, and Kristen is her best friend, so I doubt they will be much of a problem for me. I really want to talk to Tanis, but I haven't tried her tonight yet.

So yes my Dorm-Mates are;
Cara in Room#1.
Kristen in Room#2,
and Tanis in Room#3

I am in Room#4 :P

We are all going to be living in Unit; H105 *biach*


I will have $1300CAD more dollars tomaro :3 and thus will be picking-up mah ticket the same day.

I hope Matt still plans on showing me around, and hopefully 'having some fun' later-on ;P

One of my biggest fears is him not wanting me when I arrive >.> and thus not having anything to do with me; be it of a romantic nature, or as just friends. I think I really just need him to tell me directly that he DOES in fact want me/love me still T_T;

My check from Gramp's estate is also coming tomorrow (well Bev gave it to me tonight, and it needs to be cashed).

I have like $3000 in my bank account =O (well chequing account)!


I went to see Chad's play last-night. "Them" was s'lright...but it was predictable at times, and some of the characters were 2-D >.> and the woman who played Alice kept forgetting her lines... "Crackhouse in our mists" was my favourite line uttered by Bill.


I just had a case of Deja-Vu o_o *yarr!*

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