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Naïvety's Star

*Pao-ooooooooon* (just watched some Di-Gi Charat)

Today was going to be a day where me, Matt, & Trev had made plans to play D20 Lylat for the first time in...well according to the date on the .RTF file, I haven't played any D20 since early June...and I haven't played in a group since April 1st....

Trevor never showed-up...atleast not yet.

I'm going offline for food, and I might not go back online afterwards, so I guess no GMing for me.

So yeah if I don't play soon (like in the next few months), I'm just going to give-up on D20 Lylat -_- I just can't take having to rely on a 'party' of sorts for the time being.

Yeah anyway, I'm having corned-beef & egg sandwichs tonight, which is probably the most sustantual food I've had in a week, asides from the canned mini-raviolies.

I've been craving egg all week, but keep forgeting to fry myself one >.> like I got up yesterday and said "I know there is something I planned to cook, but I can't rember what." so I SHALL NOT FORGET TONIGHT >=O

*sigh* I need to re-download KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne. The Boxtorrents files I have, are not working well with Nero6.5 so I'm getting the official torrents from [Anime-Daisuke] ^_^ which is what I was originally burning way-back-when.

I really love that series :3 I want to get Vol.2 asap, but I'm in *no manga buying* status for awhile. Miving & exibition is coming-up shortly, so I need mah money for then -_-;

I am also re-watching Black Cat, as Armadei is going-through it too and I haven't seen #23-24 yet. I still like Sven :D I first downloaded it when ShonenJUMP had that 1 chapter preview in it. Also I like Train's tight pants >:3

Oh! Speaking of bishonen; I had a very odd lucid dream involving Dante, and the cast of Lucky☆Star! 

We were in this place which resembled the Legion near where my late-grandfather used to live. Only it was a place that was mostly inhabited by demons. So yeah anyway I was apparently very good friends with Kagami, Tsukasa, and Konata (actually I think Tsukasa was hitting on me, which was very OOC. I would have dated her though) & we were chilling, and then I had to go to this creepy bar with Dante (from Devil May Cry, not FMA). The bar was used by demons, and there were cases of humans getting eaten and stuff. It was like really late at night, but it was apparently the only place to get food for supper. So I think Dante was there to make sure I didn't get 'ated'. So where were waiting for the person to take our orders and I was leaning against the counter. I felt something holding onto my hand, and then I got this really weird feeling. I grabbed onto Dante, and the room started to feel somehow darker. Oh and I forgot to mention, that I could see auras or somting' like that (Dante's was 'pink'&white with the normal demon undertones). I also was very terrified. Anyway, since it was lucid, I decided I didn't like where it was going so I took off out of the place. I also had a skateboard once I got out the door. So I ran fast, and then jumped on the skateboard (o_o) to coast down the slight hill into the 'complex'/Legion. It then started raining, and I became frantic to get inside. I got to the doors only to notice that one was slightly ajar...and it had turned into the Greenwood Base bowling alley doors. But yeah so I thought that a demon had entered the complex, so I decided to go in and check. I started checking, but after seeing a few of the place's residences (one had captured a Resident Evil zombie-thing & it's son to 'train' them...), I decided to wait until the Devil Hunter got back. Dante got back, and I kept grabbing onto him. We went around and checked, Then I asked him something like "Were you the one who held my fingers in the bar?" but before he could answer I pointed out a demon behind us, and he shot it with Ebony :3 so I was still scared, and it was a lower-level monster. So we went to check further (because it usally starts with weaker 'devils' and then comes a boss). 
I then woke-up because I had to go pee. And Minnow got pissed because I moved to get up and left the bed.

So yeah random dream caused by pain-killers, and the heat. I have had VERY odd yet vivid dreams the past week -_- which is cool yet creepy.

Anyway food is calling me, so ciao!

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