Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

*ahhhh!* Yes I'm somewhat back!

Ok Ok Ok Ok!

Yes It is like 28oC today, but no wind so it feels VERY hot. I'm like sweating sooo bad, and really shouldn't have worn my Gackt shirt today >.> but I figured I should be wearing something besides nightdresses, Levis shirt, & boxers.

So today is Gackt shirt, military-green shorts, and sandals...oh and a floppy hat.

I NEED A HAIRCUT! I think Monday I'm going to call Rona and make one. I'm not going to get it cut all that short until I can find a good reference picture (which will probably be around January-ish anyway), and I also want to keep my long-ish hair until Trev and me get to be all FMA cosplay again. I've been considering getting it shorter for quite awhile (probably last June), and I think it would be waaay cooler.

But yes, I have no time to reply to the massive ammount of comments/e-mails and such today, and that will probably be started tomorrow. Also;

THANK-YOU ARMADEI~ for the lots of comments.

Yes I am feeling a lot better than yesterday. If I start feeling that way again (my bottom right socket was really sore) I'm going to outpaitents right-away.

Oh and my bottom right socket, is where they had to cut into the side of my mouth in order to get far enough back to remove the tooth. It is the sorest, followed by the upper left one, which is only sore because the bone is exposed somewhat, and the gum is pulled over it.

What? Too much detail? *heh*~

Now I must flee, as Wendy made a HODGE-PODGE! SO damn good Nova Scotian food there :3 (lots of fresh garden vegitables, cooked in a broth made-up of mostly half-and-half cream)!!!!!

--- Sarah-Sarah♥

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